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#0606: Revenge Revisited

Original Air Date: 02.11.2006

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Valerian root in the air intake, Kool-Aid on the driveway, and other ingeniously evil car pranks from our listeners! The ignition on Sunday’s 1990 Corolla won’t turn. Then when it does turn, the engine won’t start. How can she fix it? And, for that matter, how has she lived with this thing for so long, without smashing the steering wheel to smithereens? Tom’s pickup has some uninvited rodent occupants; is it true that turning on your lights can help the engine start in cold weather, or is Erica’s Russian friend selling her a bucketful of borscht? This and more, on this week's Car Talk episode.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Richard figure out which of the two bikini-clad sisters was older? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What was the 1971 auto regulation that had to be revised recently? Find out!

Show Open Topic

How to get revenge for canned mackerel in your car air intake.

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