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#0605: Batting 1.000

Original Air Date: 02.04.2006

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It’s the thought that counts. Dave’s wife meticulously scoured every inch of his Saab 900 as a special birthday surprise - so why doesn’t it sparkle in the morning sun anymore? Mushrooms are growing out of the floorboards in the back of Elizabeth’s Volkswagen van. Should she start harvesting? Doctor Steve has a whole new way to tell if a patient is in bad shape – just look at the state of his car! And Tom and Ray reach for a new record: could they actually make it to the end of the show without helping even one, solitary person? Does anyone screen these calls? This and more, on this week’s edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A 1971 NHTSA rule made cars safer. Several new models from GM and Honda don’t comply, but they’ve been given exemptions. What’s the rule? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The bottle game. Two players take turns placing a soda bottle on the table, until there’s no more room. The one who makes a bottle fall off loses. Is there a winning strategy, and is it better to go first or second? Find out!

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Quotes heard in boardroom meetings.

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Top Meeting Quotes

Listener Stephen Gibbs shares the best one-liners to use at the office.

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