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#0604: New Words: Automatopia, Carcophony and a Touch of Fartvergnugen

Original Air Date: 01.28.2006

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To junk or not to junk? In this week’s show, Tom and Ray help Geoff answer this eternal question. Jessica hears a noise when she turns the wheel of her 2003 Grand Caravan – but her mechanics don’t. Is she crazy? Speaking of crazy – how will Brian deal with those annoying little car horn buttons on the steering wheel in his wife’s 1997 Acura? A few new words for the Car Talk glossary, including the sound of two brothers’ uproarious laughter and the meaning of Fartvergnugen, and more.

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This Week's Puzzler

Here’s the game: two players sit at a table with an unlimited supply of soda bottles. They take turns placing a bottle on the table until one player - the loser - makes one fall off. Is it better to go first or second, and what’s the best strategy? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Tommy sees a sign at a gas station that reads “oil change special $99.50 – filter included.” Where was he? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Some automotive words that aren’t in the dictionary – yet.

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by rodwagner

You guys rock

Favorite Moment: the whole shaboo

A New Automotive Vocabulary

Here at Cartalk we deal with autochondriacs and engage in fratulence all the time!

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