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#0603: New Baby Names

Original Air Date: 01.21.2006

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We’ve heard of people names for cars – but car names for people? In this week’s show, hear the trendiest automotive baby names, and a few that are, well, not so very hip. Bob’s Mustang seems to have a magic battery. How long ‘til his luck runs out? Corinne has gone through three dipsticks in the last two years – what's going on under the hood? And Erin’s Subaru Outback sounds like a baby rattle since she spilled a hundred little beads under the floor. Ever wonder how to shake a two-ton maraca? This, and more, from Johnson City to Silver Spring, on this week's edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Ray pulls into a gas station advertising: “special – $99.50 – includes filter.” Since an oil change is usually about 20 dollars, where was he? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A cooling system which holds 12 quarts is filled with 4 quarts of pure antifreeze and 8 quarts of water. How much must be drained and how much antifreeze must be added to get a 50/50 mixture? Find out!

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by Ava

great show

Favorite Moment: the baby names

Top 10 Car Make Baby Names of 2005

Baby name ideas for car lovers, courtesy of Cartalk listener Brooke Wheeler.

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