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#0601: Backseat Driving Lessons

Original Air Date: 01.07.2006

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This week, one of the guy’s sons gets even with Dad on the air for ruining his “street cred.” Sofia flunks out of driving school for “dangerous acts” - four times. Should she throw in the towel? What do you do if your heater smells like moldy feet and a baked bean dinner? Lynnece finds out it’s not her husband or the family dog. With a baby on the way and a midlife crisis due soon after, Peter says he wants to give his 1971 Ford pickup a double shot of testosterone. Tom and Ray go in search of a “harp-mobile” for Deborah, and more.

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This Week's Puzzler

A farmer used a bale of hay to prop up the end of a tractor while it was under repair. Later, the barn burned down. Why? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Ray’s son Andrew teaches Dad a lesson for calling him a backseat driver.

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