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#0553: If I Had a Mallet

Original Air Date: 12.31.2005

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In this week’s encore show: have mallet, will travel – Diana’s Volvo needs a little “encouragement” to get its act in gear. And Dave’s got a dilemma – no one wants tips from a backseat hitchhiker, but how much bad driving can a passenger stand? Plus, one more reason to leave your cell phone at home when you get into your car, as Pradeep learns a lesson the hard way. Also, a special holiday fable about a Fiat with magic gas mileage, and a listener takes Ray to task. That, and more, in this hour of Car Talk.

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Last Week's Puzzler

Why did it make sense for the two front tires to be flat? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Letter from a listener who doesn’t agree with the show ending (“you’ve wasted another perfectly good hour”) - he was unusually productive while listening to the show.

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Wasting Another Perfectly Good Hour

One listener claims that his hours listening to Car Talk are NOT wasted.

A Christmas Story (Sort Of)

Love, harmony, and messing with your boss's car.

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