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#0552: A Public Radio Pile-up

Original Air Date: 12.24.2005

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This week – how public radio and a forgetful prof almost caused a 20-car pile-up. Judge Mike needs some expert witnesses in the automotive dispute case "Acme Lube v. Knuckleheads." Later in the show, the guys measure their verdict against—ready for this?—a jury of drunks, in this week’s Stump the Chumps. And introducing the “Excuse-o-Matic!” - a handy new tool a certain pair of on-air mechanics will surely use and abuse. These, a very special Chinese food delivery, and more, in this week’s show.

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This Week's Puzzler

Two flat tires and a bad water pump? What's going on here? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What two numbers make a sum that’s equal to the numbers’ product? Find out!

Show Open Topic

The debut of the Excuse-o-Matic. “Hello! Chinese food!”

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