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#0550: Car Talk: The Demolition Edition

Original Air Date: 12.10.2005

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On this week’s show: "Guys, how do I blow up my car?" A low-budget film director wants some advice on how to turn his Ford LTD into a mushroom cloud. In this week’s “Stump the Chumps,” we rip a page from a rock band’s tour diary – how many miles did Bo get out of the Jalopy Posse van? Plus, Reverend Dave may have to ask forgiveness for those things he said when his keys got stuck in the ignition. Listeners offer a few choice new words that ought to be in the dictionary – like the personal Car Talk favorite, “stupiphany.” That and more, in this week’s self-destructing hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Is there a simple clock that's always correct, regardless of Daylight Savings Time? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Who makes more money this year, Tommy or Ray? Find out!

Show Open Topic

New words that should be in the dictionary. Like snotcicle and stupiphany.

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Show Review - 40

by Anonymous

Great Show

by cstrawn

Loved every minute of it!

Favorite Moment: puzzler

A Few Choice New Words

More useful neologisms from our listeners.

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