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#0546: Irreconcilable Road Trip

Original Air Date: 11.12.2005

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This week, a very memorable Stump the Chumps. We check in with that (once) happily married couple about their cross-country trip - with an in-law in tow. Linda’s windshield wipers seem to have a mind of their own. Does she need a mechanic - or an exorcist? Do Americans have more road rage than Italians? How do Sicilians keep their cool when everybody drives so badly? Plus, find out another creative use for duct tape, and hear the coolest Chevy vanity plate of all time. That, and more, on this week's edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's the state of the Hall of Lights after 20,000 very methodical people pass through? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How can Ray's matchstick challenge be solved? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Creative vanity license plates to go with the car’s make.

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Favorite Moment: Great

funny and true

by Anonymous

This duo (Charity and Brian) are refreshingly real. They don't try to sugarcoat their adventures. I like that. Their story is hilarious.

Road trip baby

by Susan

Thought the weekly puzzler was very funny. Actually I think if the couple has a boy, his middle name should be Van; and if it's a girl, her middle name should be Vanessa. When the child is old enough to understand, the parents should take great pride in telling their child how they came about creating the name for him/her. I have often wondered about the events of my conception since my father was in the Air Force during the Korean War and was probably home on leave, passionate about seeing my mother and just couldn't wait to love her and create me! At least I hope that might have been the case. I think all children should know the scenario of what prompted their conception and traveling in a VW van through this beautiful country of ours, sharing moments with someone you love is a great story!

Favorite Moment: Hearing about the guy who hammered a hole in the oil filter trying to get it off the underside of the car

License Plate Lingo

More license plates spotted in the wild that fit their models perfectly.

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