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#0543: A Few Choice Words

Original Air Date: 10.22.2005

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This week, Car Talk expands your vocabulary into some novel terrain. Juan tries to jump his car in a dark alley… find out the shocking outcome. Carter and his wife have been driving for years, but it’s never too late for a lesson in what it means to “ride the clutch.” And Barry’s suffering from mid-life denial. He’s sure a Mini Cooper would handle just fine in those Saratoga lake-effect snows…. Right? That, and more, in this week’s show.

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This Week's Puzzler

Can half a chicken lay half an egg? What is Ray talking about? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What kind of car is referenced in this license plate: “I N M Y”? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Linguistic anthropology: Little words with big definitions.

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Linguistic Anthropology Department

Extremely precise expressions from languages around the world. 

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