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#0541: I Got a Visit From the Car Alarm Fairy!

Original Air Date: 10.08.2005

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In this week’s show, Caroline gets a gift from her middle-school class – a car alarm that won’t shut off. Denise wants to drive a guy magnet that says "single and sexy." Can the Magliozzis deliver? Later, Ray forces Aaron to defend the honor of his ’64 Valiant. Blue smoke pouring out the back doesn’t help the case. Learn a nifty new trick that’ll allow you to fill your gas tank real cheap. Here’s a hint: it’s bo-o-o-ogus. That, and more, in this week’s show.

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This Week's Puzzler

Two drinks from the same fridge - what's the difference? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How should you respond to the bartender saying "twenty-two" if you want a free beer? Find out!

Show Open Topic

A new way to fill your tank up real cheap: fill it with bricks!

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If it's good enough for your toilet, it's good enough for your car!

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