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#0540: In Search of the Perfect Nun-Mobile

Original Air Date: 10.01.2005

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In this week’s show, Sister Paula confesses. Could Tommy’s “habit package” for the Mustang convertible be the answer to her prayers? How did Jim’s in-laws melt the engine of their Toyota pickup truck without even turning it on? Find out. Lori accidentally left her Honda Accord running for more than 24 hours. ("Honey, have you seen my keys?") And Tom and Ray help Jessica find the perfect transportation for an island that’s off the grid. That, and more, in this hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

In this bar, you get a free beer if you know the secret code. How does it work? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

On the way to work, a guy reads a billboard displaying temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. On the way home, the Celsius temperature stays the same, but the Fahrenheit reading was 36 degrees lower. Why? Find out!

Show Open Topic

What kind of car would a nun drive? Sister Paula confesses she wants a Mustang, even though all the other sisters drive a Ford Focus. Tom offers a reverent “habit package."

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