#0516: An Upgrade Made in Heaven

Original Air Date: 04.16.2005

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In this week's encore potpourri, tech support weighs in on relationship upgrades. Will New Husband 1.0 crash your operating system? Also, Jeff unveils his Freeway Manifesto: world peace through hassle-free merges! And Charity's nightmare of a road trip. Will she survive 36 hours in a Subaru with mom and fiancee? Plus, Tracy goes on a quest for a cup holder with cojones. That and more in this week's show.

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This Week's Puzzler

The Puzzler is on vacation.

Last Week's Puzzler

What model was the prank victim's car? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Some 'hysterical' historically revisionist jokes.

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Show Review - 1516

by Anonymous

Incredibly Lousy Puns

Historically inaccurate and debatably funny!

Husband 1.0.

What happened during the upgrade from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0?

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