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#0510: Do I Come Here Often?

Original Air Date: 03.05.2005

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This week, a senior moment in a singles bar. Then, find out why Elisabeth’s New Year’s fell flat. She’s looking for a resolution, but the Magliozzis are tired of unheeded warnings: don’t drive on damaged wheels! Also, Edie’s been driving mommy cars all her life and she wants a new look. And Eric is looking for an amphibious car that can handle a watery homestead. Calling all inventors: we need a car snorkel! That and more this week.

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This Week's Puzzler

An athlete in Olympic games won the long jump, and sets a world record – but does not win a gold medal. Why? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Name a seven-letter word with all five vowels. The word has two meanings. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Geriatric pickup lines.

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A Joke from the "Hope Springs Eternal" Department

Pickup lines for the very elderly.

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