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#0502: Buyer Beware, and Assume the Worst!

Original Air Date: 01.08.2005

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In this week's show: Used car dealers may lie, but glove compartments don't. Derek finds some damning evidence in his lemon, but is it enough to convict? John wants to know if undercoating is a thing of the past, and Ann needs a cake-buggy that won't break the bank. Plus, why does Kevin need a canary to ride shotgun in his smokin' T-Bird? And, from our automotive confession files, a roadside car repair gone terribly wrong. That and more in this (ahem) explosive hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

NASA tried using fans to cool overheating electronics during early space flights, but it didn't work. Why? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A man in a traffic jam notices dozens of cars stopped with their hoods open. All of them had the same problem. What was it? Find out!

Show Open Topic

An automotive confession about a roadside car repair gone terribly wrong.

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    Show Review - 1030

    by Anonymous

    Another Automotive Confession

    I'll just pour this into that while you crank the other thing - what could go wrong?

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