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#0501: Mosquitoes One, Humans Zero

Original Air Date: 01.01.2005

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In this week's encore show, we kick off the year with a few winter's tales. First, an Arctic mosquito runs Kathleen and her hubby off the road, and they find out the hard way that it's a long way to Skagway. Then, Laura's dad gets an icy reception with his air conditioner. Tim's building a giant cartoon car and he wants tips on how to make musical wipers. Seriously. Plus, find out why Brian's Range Rover needs ten gallons of gas (and we're not talking in the tank)! And why is Matt freezing his cojones off in Anchorage? Duh! That and more in this week's chilling hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Puzzler is on vacation!

Last Week's Puzzler

Puzzler is on vacation!

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Factoids from the department of useless information.

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    Show Review - 622

    by tabrahamson

    This show is hysterical! Love to listen to it on Sundays. Thanks guys! Todd

    A Fun Game

    Tom and Ray entertain themselves in the usual fashion on a long flight.

    Did you know this?

    Trivia within trivia!

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