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Ten Tips for Avoiding an Interstate Pileup

Car Talk guest blogger Jim Graham narrowly dodged being part of a 35-car pileup during a recent snow squall. How did he do it? See his 10 tips, right here.

A Wellspring of Misinformation!

Today: Marc's dealership told him that if he wants to avoid getting stuck on ice in his front-wheel drive Nissan Altima, he should always make sure to park with his right tires on the dry pavement. Is this how front-wheel drive cars work, or does his dealer have his head up his differential? Car Talk explains, right here.

Phil vs. Wife: Who's Right About ABS?

Phil wants Tom and Ray to weigh in on a difference of opinion between himself and his wife. Tom says you're not supposed to pump the brakes when you have an anti-lock braking system, but his wife says she heard on MythBusters that it's safe. Find out how anti-lock braking systems work, right here. 

Winter Driving with the Pros: Alta Ski Area

We asked a driver who makes daily trips up and down the single most avalanche-prone road in North America for his best winter driving tip. What is it? (Other than, "Don't get buried!"?) Find out, right here.

Cars and Cold Snaps: FAQs

In honor of  the polar vortex, we’ve compiled some of Tom and Ray’s wisdom on the subject of getting your car started and keeping it going on frigid mornings

Snow Patrol: All-Wheel Drive Won't Help Without Winter-Friendly Tires

My 2014 BMW has AWD and traction control, but it slipped all over the road during the recent winter storm. Why? Blame the performance tires.

The Art of Ditch Diving

Think you have what it takes to execute a truly great ditch dive? Think again. Tom Bodett separates the posers from the true artistes.

Winter Driving Tips. From Mars.

That time of year again, time to prepare your car for...Martian winter?

Preparing for Winter: Snow Tires for Sandrine

Sandrine wants to get snow tires for her recently purchased Hyundai Elantra, but she's getting conflicting advice about how many tires she needs, and whether she should get them at all. Tom and Ray explain that while two used to be the norm, getting snow tires for all four wheels is now a better bet. More about how snow tires have improved and what it means for Sandrine, right here. 

The Trouble with Snow

Tom Bodett unveils middle aged men's true measure of winter: The Pucker Factor.


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