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Is Cecelia's Mechanic Aboveboard on Gasket Replacement?

Cecelia's mechanic says he has to remove her entire windshield to replace a damaged gasket. Is this correct? Find out here, plus Car Talk's advice for how she can make this repair a bit less painful. 

Recycling Windshields: It's the Right Thing to Do

Most windshields, made from a glass and plastic sandwich, end up in landfills. But Safelite recycled more than a million of them last year.

Today: Tom and Ray help Annah de-leakify her Camry's roof.

A few years ago, our 1998 Camry started to leak water inside. This is a problem in Oregon, so we took it in for repair, and 500 dollars later, they told us that they cleared the "weep channels" in the sunroof. Evidently...

Today: Find out why Tom put Filippo Berio Olive Oil on his windshield.

We had a big snowstorm this week. Not wanting to scrape the ice off my windshield, the night before the storm I looked around for something to put under my wipers to keep the ice off. Unable to come up...

Antenna woes...

We have a lovely old ' Cadillac that suits our needs and comfort just fine We have one problem The car's antenna is in the windshield Since we got a new windshield years ago the radio reception has diminished so...

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