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Animal Survivors: Tangling With Cars and Living to Tell About It

The odds are against furry creatures hit by cars, but miracles do happen! Meet koalas, coyotes and kittens who lived to tell about their encounters on the Big Road.
Bear crossing roadway

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?


And how exactly did it do that? Animal crossings here. 

Wildlife crossing road sign

Picture Panthers: Can Better Signage Get Drivers to Brake for Wildlife?


Is an image really worth a thousand words? When it comes to distracted driving, the answer is yes!

Moose licking car

Spit and Polish!


Why did the moose lick the car? Our wildlife biologist explains. 

Night time reflecting paint for reindeer and wildlife.

Reflecting on Reindeer


Could the solution to wildlife/car collisions involve reflective antlers? Tell us what you think of this experiment from Finland.

Cars using radar to avoid hitting animals

Radar Love: Can Radar Prevent Car/Wildlife Collisions?


Nothing ruins a scenic drive quite like running into an elk or a moose. Can radar help? Find out here!

Keeping bears out of cars

"Bear-ly" Getting By: Bears in Cars


What motivates the average bear to break into a car?

Keeping spiders out of your car

Spidey Sense?


Our wildlife biologist tries to talk some spidey sense into us, in time for Halloween.

What to do when a car hits an animal

Wildlife, Cars and How to Help


As wildlife and people increasingly occupy the same communities it’s inevitable we’ll run into one another now and then. In a bad way. How to help, right here.

Deer whistles to keep deer off the road.

Do Deer Whistles Actually Work?


Wolves don't whistle, so why do we think that attaching whistles to our cars makes them deer proof?


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