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I Spy... Volvo's Animal Avoidance System (about Two Years Down the Road)

Frequently find yourself eye-to-eye with Bullwinkle? Car Talk’s Wildlife Guru reports on a unique, new safety feature that just might prevent an accident.

Roadside Safari

Ever wonder why road trips are such a great opportunity to spot wildlife? Dr. Kieran Lindsay has answers. 

Wranglers Escort Gremlins

Dr. Kieran Lindsey, Car Talk Wildlife Guru, explores the animal-vehicle attraction conundrum that rears its head each spring.

Mazda recall due to... Spiders?!

This sounds too bizarre to be true. Fortunately, our Wildlife Guru, Kieran Lindsey, graciously agreed to untangle the web for us wildlife morons at Car Talk Plaza. Here's what she found out.

Rocket Fuel