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Spit and Polish!

Why did the moose lick the car? Our wildlife biologist explains. 

Reflecting on Reindeer

Could the solution to wildlife/car collisions involve reflective antlers? Tell us what you think of this experiment from Finland.

"Bear-ly" Getting By: Bears in Cars

What motivates the average bear to break into a car?

Wildlife, Cars and How to Help

As wildlife and people increasingly occupy the same communities it’s inevitable we’ll run into one another now and then. In a bad way. How to help, right here.

Do Deer Whistles Actually Work?

Wolves don't whistle, so why do we think that attaching whistles to our cars makes them deer proof?

Today: Your Crazy Ant

Disclaimer: Our wildlife biologist does not have any tips for surviving a visit from your mom’s wacko sister. But she can help with the six-legged variety.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Volvo

Why do birds love your car's side mirrors? Our urban wildlife biologist explains.

Shelter from the Storm

Tips from Car Talk's wildlife specialist, Dr. Kieran Lindsay, on how to keep the fur and feathers from flying in your engine this winter. 

What's in Your Car? Ants, Debugged.

Ants in the car: it's more common than you'd ever realize! Our Resident Wildlife Expert, Dr. Kieran LIndsey, critiques Tom and Ray's answer to caller Mara-- and offers some non-boooogus advice.

Today: Can Megan Beat the Birds?

Megan's Ford Focus is a target for all the neighborhood birds, and she's tired of washing the car every week. How can she get the birds to do their business elsewhere? Read Tom and Ray's suggestions right here.  


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