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Mirror, Mirror, on the Volvo

Why do birds love your car's side mirrors? Our urban wildlife biologist explains.

Shelter from the Storm

Tips from Car Talk's wildlife specialist, Dr. Kieran Lindsay, on how to keep the fur and feathers from flying in your engine this winter. 

What's in Your Car? Ants, Debugged.

Ants in the car: it's more common than you'd ever realize! Our Resident Wildlife Expert, Dr. Kieran LIndsey, critiques Tom and Ray's answer to caller Mara-- and offers some non-boooogus advice.

Today: Can Megan Beat the Birds?

Megan's Ford Focus is a target for all the neighborhood birds, and she's tired of washing the car every week. How can she get the birds to do their business elsewhere? Read Tom and Ray's suggestions right here.  

Is Your Car Prone to Poop? (Bird Poop, That Is.)

What color car do birds "tag" the most? We've got the study results!

I Spy... Volvo's Animal Avoidance System (about Two Years Down the Road)

Frequently find yourself eye-to-eye with Bullwinkle? Car Talk’s Wildlife Guru reports on a unique, new safety feature that just might prevent an accident.

Now Where Did I Leave That Boa Constrictor?

Today: What's a 4-foot-long snake doing in Al's engine compartment? Read Tom and Ray's hypothesis about how the barbecued boa managed to wiggle his way up there, plus some words of sympathy for the snake and the unfortunate mechanic who made the discovery.

Scream & Swerve No More?

Volvo replaces "scream and swerve" animal avoidance with something a bit more high tech. Details, this way.

Roadside Safari

Ever wonder why road trips are such a great opportunity to spot wildlife? Dr. Kieran Lindsay has answers. 

Is Mouse Eviction a Mechanic's Job?

Sam's mechanic spotted a mouse nest inside his engine during an oil change. Sam was surprised to find the nest still intact when he picked up his van after the service. Should the mechanic have removed the nest? Tom and Ray weigh in on rodent eviction and more, right here.


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