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Honda Civic overheats while idling

Today: Marlene's Drive-Thru-Hating Civic


Marlene's Honda Civic runs like a dream--unless she's waiting in line at a drive-thru. Is there something broken, or is her car just trying to send her a message about healthy eating? Read Tom and Ray's opinion right here.

Will Vicky's Volvo self-destruct if she doesn't shell out $600?

You guys always make me laugh And now I'm desperate for some car advice I can trust I have a ' Volvo V with miles A mechanic just told me I'm on borrowed time as I have not changed the...

Should this water pump be replaced?

I am years old I need to use my car every day to visit my husband at the nursing home I know nothing about cars My dealer takes pretty good care of me because he knows my situation He said...

What could be causing this Caddy to go through a new water pump every 12k miles?

I have a Cadillac and my problem is water pumps Including the original pump I have had four pumps on this car since buying it new -- an average of miles per pump The first three pumps were new from...

Alas, motor mounts and radiators aren't "preventative maintenance".

I have a ' Dodge Caravan with a Mitsubishi engine and miles on it I changed all of the hoses and belts at miles and I just had the transmission serviced and the radiator flushed I'd like to keep it...

Replacing the water pump while changing a timing belt -- good idea or waste of money?

I have a Honda Prelude The owner's manual recommends changing the timing belt at miles I took it to a repairman for an estimate and he also recommended that I change the water pump He said water pumps only last...

Is it necessary to change my water pump while changing the timing belt?

With miles on my Ford Escort the local Ford dealer recommends that I change my timing belt for And while they're in there he says I should have the water pump changed for an additional I like the car very...

Vinnie Murphy's Law

I have a Volvo DL with miles on it and all original belts As long as I'm going to replace the alternator belt and the timing belt would it be a good idea to do the water pump at the...

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