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Dog camping in a camper van

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

A Short History of the Modern Van

To think that the surrender monkeys of France are driving around in vans superior to that of my van-driving brethren here in America burns my deep-fried, artificially flavored, apple pie pride. Of course, we have no one to blame but American industry. Van technology on this side of the pond has been stifled by an all-too-obvious, gentleman’s non-compete agreement.
1978 Trans Am Bandit by Jim Hanna for Car Talk

Where Are the Campers?


Thinking of converting a van into a camper? A suggestion! If you're a middle-aged male, alone, driving a plain white cargo van with a makeshift bed in the back, don't sit in it parked near a school. Just don't.

Don't Come Knockin' ... This Electric Van is Rockin'

Vans don't get much respect, but how do you think all our stuff gets delivered? Ford is fielding 1,000 battery electric Transit Connect delivery vehicles and I just took a silent spin in a very promising example.

Is two years on the lot too long, for a new car?

I'm interested in purchasing a new, 2006 Dodge Sprinter with a 2.7-liter diesel engine. It has 75 miles on it, and has been on a dealer lot, unsold, for two years. The dealer offers a full three-year/36,000-mile warranty, and it is...

Recommendations for a Buddhist nun who wants to use her vehicle as a retreat space?

I am a Buddhist nun with a problem and thought you might have some advice that might help to resolve the problem I am writing to ask about a vehicle that I might use for two purposes retreat and living...

Any thoughts on buying a school bus to take to Burning Man?

I along with about friends am determined to go to the Burning Man festival in Nevada this summer We would like to purchase or rent a school bus capable of making the round trip from Seattle Is this feasible Where...

Now here's a midlife crisis car purchase that we can get excited about.

I am having a genuine bona fide midlife crisis I can tell because I think I am acting the way all my friends say guys act when they have midlife crises I want to ditch a perfectly good reliable Honda...

What kind of camper van do you recommend for a Great American Roadtrip?

In a few years I'm planning to take to the road in true hippie fashion and go in search of America I want to purchase a small used camper-van for my wanderings The obvious choice would seem to be a...

I'd like a minivan that feels like a Lincoln Continental. Does it exist?

I am a year old six foot pound salesman driving - miles annually I've driven a Lincoln Continental or Buick Park Avenue for over years and love the luxury and soft comfortable ride Now my new sales lines require the...

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