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Valve Clearance Adjustments: Necessary Service or Dealership Scam?

John's Honda dealer says it's time for the valve clearance adjustment on his 2006 Honda Element. Do Tom and Ray recommend this service? Find out right here. 

Today: What's Causing Ahmad's CR-V to Stall?

Ahmad's 1998 CR-V is melting catalytic converters and stalling every 25 miles or so. Aside from that, he insists "the car runs great." His shop has already tried almost everything and the dealership is stumped too. Tom and Ray point out that no one has tried accupuncture yet. Will they be able to come up with any real advice for Ahmad? Find out here. 

The Little Corolla That Wouldn't Quit

Elaina's Corolla has a strange problem--parts of it keep running even when the engine is shut off. She's taken it in to the dealer, but they can't find the source of the noises. Will Tom and Ray help Elaina out, or are they too busy wondering why she keeps hanging out in the garage after the car is turned off?

Today: solutions for Jean-Marie's slow-leaking tire.

I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna van. My van tires lose air on a regular basis. The tire-trouble indicator on the dash is on most of the time. The front desk personnel -- who have had some mechanical training -- say...

Is a valve adjustment a good idea for Jeri's Dodge Ram?

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram diesel 2500 two-wheel-drive six-speed manual with 130,000 miles. It's primarily used as a commuter truck -- with a little bit of horse and hay hauling. I love this truck and plan to drive it for years. The...

Honda should definitely replace a main seal on a Civic with only 53k miles. Gratis.

I have a Honda Civic with about miles on it A few days ago I noticed three oil drops on my garage floor and then later three more in my driveway after parking it there I took it to the...

How often does my Honda Civic need a valve adjustment?

I recently purchased an ' Honda Civic One issue of The Consumer Guide Used Car Book says valves must be adjusted every miles to prevent engine woes Later issues of the book do not mention this What is your opinion...

Tom and Ray break down the science behind the use of four valves per cylinder, rather than two.

I grew up in the service department of a large automobile dealership and was in the auto parts business for thirty years However the advantage of having four valves per cylinder instead of two is difficult for me to grasp...

The rattle in this Plymouth will be either very cheap or very expensive to fix.

I have a Plymouth Satellite V I bought it in with miles for The gentleman wanted but I chewed him down to I felt bad because the car was in almost mint condition I've done my best to keep it...

$900 for replacing the timing belt and some valves -- this a rip-off?

My daughter has a Renault hatchback with miles It stopped running due to a broken timing belt But the repair cost because they said the valves were damaged Can an engine design be that bad or was this a repair...


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