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Buying Advice for Mark: Used Pickup Trucks

Mark's in the market for a used pick-up truck and wants to know how far back he can safely go to get a decent Chevy, Ford or Dodge with the modern amenities... you know, fuel-injection and electronic ignition.

Today: Why Does Nobody Make Little Trucks?

Bryant wants a new truck but he's looking for something small, like those old Datsuns that used to be ubiquitous. Can Tom and Ray explain why nobody makes these anymore?

Big or Little? Which Wheels Better for New Pickup?

Stewart's buying a new Ram Laramie and has to choose between 20" and 17" wheels. He wants whichever will give him the best mileage as he tows a 7500 pound trailer. And whichever will be easiest for his wife and dog (who both have short legs) to get in and out of. Find out what Tom and Ray recommend, right here. 

Doctor's Orders

Car Talk's thrilled to welcome a new guest blogger to these parts - Tom Bodett. That's right, the prolific writer, the Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me panelist, the former All Things Considered Alaska Commentator - and the guy who once ad-libbed a line for a certain motel chain, that became one of the best- known catch-phrases, ever.

Are we ever going to see front-wheel-drive pickups?

Rick wants to know where the alternatives to expensive four-wheel-drive pickups are hiding. Aren't they easier to handle on slippery roads?

Can Judy haul loads of gravel in her '74 Ford F-100?

My husband inherited a 1974 Ford F-100 from his dad, and I would like to use it to pick up a load of rocks for landscaping. My husband says it can't handle this, and so I ask the question: Can the...

What do the terms "1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and one ton" stand for in regards to pick-up trucks?

Please explain what the terms ton ton and one ton stand for concerning pick-up trucks I've never heard an answer to that question that really makes sense Gary RAY The terms ton and ton refer to the payload of the...

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