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How to Stop a Car That Creeps on Hills While Parked


Poke's new Subaru Forester wants to roll away on hills. Is the engine, clutch, or parking brake the culprit?

2009 Honda Odyssey

Used Honda Odyssey: Buy This Year, Not That One!


The Honda Odyssey is a comfortable family vehicle much beloved by owners. However, like all used vehicles, the Odyssey minivan has years and problems a shopper may want to avoid. 

do all new cars have an acceleration lag

The Case of the Reluctant Renegade


Ken's 2015 Jeep Renegade hesitates before accelerating. His dealer says "they all do that" but is Ken being sold a load of horsefeathers?

is it safe to put the car in neutral on a downhill

Coasting Downhill in Neutral -- Bonus or Boooogus?


Ted wants to know if coasting down a hill in neutral saves wear and tear, and gas. 

Used Honda Civic – Buy This Year, Not That One!


A used Honda Civic is always a safe bet, but some years are much better than others when it comes to reliability and owner complaints.

should i trade in my car or keep it until it totally dies

When the Car Tells You It's Time to Trade, Listen


Is that little whisper saying "fix me" or "trade me"? Here's one story where the message is clear.

Ford Focus transmission and door latch problems.

Used Ford Focus – Buy This Year, Not That One!


Shoppers looking for a Ford Focus should avoid these years to stay away from door latch issues and failing transmissions.

2016 Hyundai Tucson transmission problems

First Signs of the Carpocalypse: 2016 Hyundai Tucson DCT Transmission Glitch


Hesitation when trying to accelerate? Tachometer spinning with no forward progress? Your Tucson may have the DCT blues.

should i keep a car with sentimental value even if its not practical

Does the Old Gray Mare Have a Few Miles Left?


Barb's Town and Country needs transmission work. Should she spend the money or put it out to pasture?

is driving in reverse without warming up the engine a bad idea

What's the Worst You Can Do to Your Transmission?


Rolf wants to know if putting his automatic into reverse immediately after starting will shorten its life.


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