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Does the Old Gray Mare Have a Few Miles Left?


Barb's Town and Country needs transmission work. Should she spend the money or put it out to pasture?

What's the Worst You Can Do to Your Transmission?

Rolf wants to know if putting his automatic into reverse immediately after starting will shorten its life.

Applying Some Smarts to a Failed Fourtwo Repair

Is Bonnie's Smart dealership giving her the runaround when it comes to fixing her runabout? 

A Slow-Shifting Skylark: A Lesson on Older Automatic Transmissions

A sluggish transmission on a vintage car is a teachable moment on how old automatics work.

This Week's Turd of the Week . . .

Find out what earns Car Talk's top dishonor this week. 

Is It Safe To Drive Car With Slipping Transmission?

The transmission on Bill's 2000 Volvo V70 is slipping. Is it safe to keep driving it? Car Talk's take, right here.

Turd of the Week: Ford Fiesta

This week's honoree takes home the prize for rough shifting and worse--transmission failures. 

Mechanic vs. Manual: When's the Right Time to Change Fluids?

Leroy can't get a straight answer on when to change the transmission fluids in his older cars. Can Car Talk set the record straight? 

Turd of the Week: Transmission Failures, Engine Troubles and More!

Our Turd of the Week features a car that we think is going to be headed to the scrapyard before its time. Our editorial team, working with our pals at Car Complaints, combs through the Car Complaints database and spots problem cars before anyone--except the unfortunate owners. This week's result, right here.

Today: Acceptable Substitutions for Transmission Fluid?

Marc wants to substitute tractor hydraulic fluid for the recommended Dextron trasmission fluid his car takes. Can Car Talk talk him out of this harebrained idea?


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