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Why distracted driving is a bad idea, even when legal.

Driving Barefoot: The Eighth Deadly Sin?


Can a person legally drive while barefooted? Car Talk's law enforcement authority, Tim Cotton, settles this myth.

Who Was the First Person Arrested for Drunk Driving?

The hapless London cabbie was driving an electric car when he crashed into a wall, earning a 20 shillings fine.

Caught Speeding: These Cars Are the Top Ticket Magnets

Oddly enough, it's not Ferraris and Corvettes that attract the most attention from the cops. While the supercars stay in the garage, Subaru, Scion and Mazda drivers are out racking up tickets. The worst offenders, right here. 
Huge increase in speeding fines in the UK

Speeding Tickets Gone Wild! UK Edition.


The Brits are planning to quadruple the maximum fines for speeding-- to over $15,000. Have they gone batty? Jamie Kitman considers the case. 

A Good Education Can't Hurt!

How one physicist got out of a $400  traffic ticket -- using math.
if other people don't drive the speed limit should i go with the flow of traffic or let them pass

What's the safest way to discourage tailgaters?


Help! My wife will either kill me or divorce me based on your answer to the following question.

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