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the causes of traffic increases

In L.A. and Other Gridlocked Cities, Rush-Hour Traffic Never Reaches the Speed Limit


With cheaper gas and an end to the recession, we're heading back out on the congested highways. On the worst roads, Americans are spending an extra 3.5 days in traffic every year.

Reason for large spaced between cars at lights

A Modern Mystery: Why Hang Back at Stoplights?


Jim's a self-described old timer and he's noticed a new phenomenon--people leaving several car lenghts between themselves and the next car at traffic lights. Can Car Talk solve this mystery? 

Traffic Congestion Could Cost $4.4 Trillion

A new study says gridlock could get worse, a lot worse. But we could escape that grim fate with public transit and telecommuting options.

American Car Fleet Hits a Record 252 Million

We're keeping cars longer, and buying a lot of new ones. It's a formula for crowded roads.

The Zipper Merge: Vote Now

The Zipper Merge (aka late merging) is one of the most controversial maneuvers in traffic. We're going to settle this issue once and for all, the Car Talk way, with a highly unscientific poll. Cast your vote now!

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