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Okay to Use Cruise Control While Towing?

Russell uses his 2009 GMC Sierra to tow a 6500 pound trailer. His friends all say he's crazy to use the cruise control with something in tow but he can't find any cautions against this in the owner's manual. Tom and Ray say he should be fine as long as the area isn't hilly. Read their full recommendation (and find out why this includes doubling up on the Depends) right here. 

Today: Help Dave Choose a New Car

Dave is buying a new car and he needs something that is good for daily commuting, but one that can also occasionally tow a pair of Jet Skis. Tom and Ray think there are several vehicles that can handle both situations. Find out what they recommend, right here.

Today: Luke's Hot Texas Tour

Luke's band's tour van is having major AC problems. Nine guys plus one hot van plus one Texas tour equals one pretty stinky situation. Can Tom and Ray succeed where other mechanics have failed and figure out what's causing this?

Driven to Extremes: Man Meets Prius

Tom Bodett spent a day with a Toyota Prius and it was not everything he dreamed it woud be. Find out why the guy who says, "It takes a real man to drive a minivan," felt totally emasculated by the cute little hybrid, right here.

Today: To Tow or Not to Tow

Bill is helping his son with a cross-country move. Should he rent a truck or a trailer?

Is Di's husband right to be so smug about his new Chevy Tracker?

My husband just bought a Chevy Tracker with a smidge over miles on the odometer We think the prior owner might have hauled the Tracker behind a recreational vehicle there is a tow-hitch bracket under the Tracker's front bumper and...

Today: how to pull out a stuck car when you don't have a hitch.

I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor all-wheel drive, and I was wondering if there is a good place to hook a tow rope so I can help pull my wife's car when she gets stuck in the driveway? I know most...

Can a trailer cause wear to a truck, just by staying attached for long periods?

Please settle an argument here at the fire station. We have a Ford 550 pulling a 25-foot box trailer (gross vehicle weight 10,000 pounds). Here's the question: When this truck and trailer are not in use, does the weight of the trailer...

Could a "perfomance module" lead to an early grave for Phillip's Dodge Ram?

I have a 2003 4Runner V-6 that easily pulled my boat. So I bought a bigger boat. I would like to buy one of those super-heavy-duty Dodge Ram Crew Cabs with an enormous diesel engine to pull the new boat, but...

Will towing a pop-up trailer be tranny suicide for a certain Toyota Camry? Find out.

I own a 1992 Toyota Camry Wagon V6 automatic with 150,000 miles on it. Recently, I installed a trailer hitch so I could mount a bike rack back there. As I was standing there admiring the way the bikes easily went on...


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