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Today: The Right Tool for Mounting Tires?

David goes through a lot of tires, so he mounts them himself using a lug wrench. He's ready to upgrade to the right tools, if the right tools are $50 or less. Tom and Ray say $50 isn't going to get him what he needs. Find out what's involved in mounting a tire, right here. 

The Incredible Shrinking Sidewalls

Arlon has driven Lincoln Navigators for years and he has noticed a trend: The wheels are getting bigger and the sidewalls are getting smaller. Since this makes the ride worse, he wants to know what gives. Tom and Ray explain why you can get away with this on a Navigator, but shouldn't risk it with a smaller car.

Tire Shop vs. Owner's Manual: Which is Right?

Mike's owner's manual for his Ford F-150 specifically says not to jack up the truck by its rear differential when changing a tire. But when Mike took the truck in to the tire shop, that's exactly what the guys did. Find out why Tom and Ray say the shop is allowed to ignore the owner's manual here. 

Who's to Blame for Tire Sensor Malfunction?

Mir's tire-pressure warning light has been coming on ever since he had his tires replaced. His mechanic says the tire pressure is fine, and he should just drive it and the problem will fix itself. Tom and Ray say a tin of brownies might motivate Mir's mechanic to work a little harder on this issue. Find out what they think is going on, right here. 

Snow Patrol: All-Wheel Drive Won't Help Without Winter-Friendly Tires

My 2014 BMW has AWD and traction control, but it slipped all over the road during the recent winter storm. Why? Blame the performance tires.

Snow Tires

35/55 R18 100R VI/DM? Do you speak "winter snow tire"? Tom Bodett provides a translation-- well, sort of.

Ta Ta to the Tire Gauge!

Checking your tire pressure is a drag, right? Not anymore! Check out our favorite new car feature.

Hold the Rubber: Why Big Tires Are No Fun

As a car tester I pretty much drive the biggest, baddest rubber of all time -- all the time. Low, wide and fat, I put my life in their care at some point most every day.

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