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Things to check on a used car

What to Check on a 10 Year Old Inherited Car?

John's grandaughter is coming to live with him and she's bringing a inherited car with 100K miles on it. He wants to make sure this car is in good shape. What should he have his mechanic check out?
Mechanichs swear while working

The Mechanic's Soliloquy


Craig wants to know: Is the profanity-laced tirade his mechanic unleashed during a timing belt repair a sign of a tough job, or an inexperienced mechanic? Tom and Ray's take, right here.

Timing belt breaks after being replaced

Is Mechanic to Blame for Timing Belt Woes?

Kaylyn had her Bug's timing belt replaced but 23 days later it broke! Her mechanic said the crankshaft pulley was to blame, but Kaylyn is suspicious. Did her mechanics do something wrong? Find out what Tom and Ray think, right here.
Frozen water pump breaks timing belt

Surprise: Broken Timing Belt

Joanna's water pump froze and caused her timing belt to break, which in turn caused her to spend a whole lot of money to get it fixed. She wants to know how she can prevent something like this from happening again. Tom and Ray say her best bet is to make sure to get regular, routine maintenance work done by a trustworthy mechanic. Find out why this is important, right here.
How long does a timing belt last

I Dream of Timing Belts?

Today: Is Kate's father visiting her from beyond the grave to remind her to get her car serviced? Tom and Ray analyze Kate's recent dream and offer advice about when to change a timing belt, right here.
is it worth paying three times as much for genuine subaru parts

Today: Is Bill's Dealer Charging Too Much?


Bill's Subaru needs a new timing belt, and the dealer is asking twice what his local mechanic wants for the job. Tom and Ray say there may be more to this story than meets the eye. 

Worn out writing on timing belt

Today: Jim gets a new timing belt - and smells a rat!

About a year ago I had the timing belt replaced on my Subaru Outback Then last week I had the head gasket replaced at a different shop When they replaced the head gasket they looked at my timing belt and...
Should I replace the timing belt before it fails

Sometimes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ain't such a good idea.


Our 2001 Subaru Forester (93,000 miles, we're the only owner) has been an excellent, essentially maintenance-free vehicle. Recently, when a front axle was replaced for a torn CV joint boot, the garage owner recommended a pre-emptive replacement of the timing belt. He...

why do i need a new timing belt

Does Bill's Subaru really need a new timing belt?


A few months ago, our local Subaru dealership determined that our Impreza needed a new engine, and that it would be covered by the factory warranty. Since the engine was replaced, we've put 7,000 more miles on the car. Now they...

Is a timing belt a DIY job? Find out.

I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra with 97,000 miles. During the state inspection this week, the mechanic told me that I will soon need to replace my timing chain. He also said that the hose running from the pump housing to the...


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