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Teens getting drivers licenses

Vanishing Rite of Passage: Getting Your License at 16


In the dark days before smartphones, getting road legal was everything for teenagers who wanted a social life.

should i spend another two grand on a twenty-year-old car

When Is a Newer Car a Better Fit for a New Driver?


Gordon's faithful old Toyota needs some pricey repairs before he hands the keys to his teen granddaughter. Should he go to the shop or car lot?

can using premium gas cause a head gasket to blow

Is Using the Wrong Kind of Gas Causing Blown Head Gaskets?


Does Maureen's granddaughter have a problem with gasoline--or her foot on the gas?

is there a safe classic car for a new driver

Classic or "Modern Classic" for a New Driver?


Nancy's daughter wants a classic for her first car. How old can it be and still have some safety features?

The Safest State for Teen Drivers? Can You Believe It's Massachusetts?

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers, but Massachusetts is bucking the trend. How? Strict regulation of how kids get their tickets to ride. The safest states delay full licensing, require lots of on-the-road training, and limit how many partying friends can ride along.
Should kids learn to drive automatic or manual

Should Kids Learn to Drive on a Manual or an Automatic?


Karen learned to drive on a manual transmission and thinks it made her a better driver. But is it safer to teach kids on an automatic? Car Talk's advice, here.

Big Daddy (and Mommy) Are Watching: The 2016 Malibu Offers Built-In Teen Safety

Debuting at the New York Auto Show, the new Chevrolet Malibu turns off the radio if young drivers don't buckle up, keeps stats on on-road behavior, and all but slaps the cuffs on, for speeding.
Device to inhibit speeding

Teen Drivers: You Are Being Watched


John is teaching his nephew how to drive wants to buy a speed inhibiting device, like the kind used in commercial fleets. The problem? Nobody seems to make these for the Honda Civic. Car Talk has another idea: An electric nanny to make sure the kid knows he's being watched. 

Convincing a teen to start driving

Teenage Daughter Won't Drive


Lari's daughter is 19 but still has not gotten her driver's license. Tom and Ray say there are two schools of thought on motivating reluctant teens, the "Not My Problem" or the "Actual Parenting" schools. Who do you agree with?

Brace Yourself: Teen Driving Habits Get Worse over Time


A new study finds brand-new drivers are great at paying attention to the road...for the first few months, anyway.


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