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Today: Jim's Maxima Can't Take the Heat

Jim's Maxima has been overheating when he travels to hot places. But his San Fransisco-based mechanics can't duplicate the problem because the weather is just too nice there. Tom and Ray recommend an auxiliary transmission cooler as a short-term fix.

Steamy Summer Fun: Cooking on Your Car (Seriously)!

Eggs à la windshield, anyone? 

Today: Is Tucson's Heat Too Much for Elizabeth's Buick?

Elizabeth just moved to Tucson, AZ, and she wants to invest in a sunshade to protect her 1986 Buick Skylark from the hot desert sun. Her mother advises that they build a gazebo or a carport to protect it, while her husband votes for a "reflective cover thingy".  Elizabeth wants Tom and Ray to cast the tie-breaking vote. 

Why won't "Ophelia" the Accord start when it's hot?

I drive an art car named Ophelia. She is a 91' Honda Accord with 250,000 miles on her. When I bought her, 11 years ago, the man I purchased her from said, "Oh and sometimes she won't start if it's hot out."...

Will dumping cold water on your car cut down on the need for AC?

There is a teacher in our community who regularly can be found pouring buckets of cool water over his vehicle before starting it on warm days. His claim is that the water cuts down on the time needed for the...

Do cars care if they move to warmer climes?

We own a 2005 PT Cruiser and a 2005 Pacifica, and in the next year or so we are moving to Puerto Rico from northern Illinois. We are thinking of taking the cars with us since they are not very old...

Windows open or closed, when parked on a steamy summer day? Tom and Ray settle a marital debate.

I have an ongoing "debate" with my hubby about whether or not to leave our car windows open slightly when it is really, really hot. One of us says we need to do this to keep the windows and windshield...

My thermostat reads 210 degrees on warm days. Should I be worried?

I'm part of the male population that in the past you have politely referred to as anal-retentive when it comes to car care I'm getting better though Thanks to your sage counseling I no longer shake the car to make...

Diesel in a gasoline engine to prevent vapor lock? Awful idea.

While driving home from work on a hot day this past summer the guy who gives the road reports said You'll notice a lot of cars off to the side of the road today suffering from vapor lock He suggested...

Will a black car with leather interior get too hot in the summer?

I desperately need your help My dear husband of years has given me the privilege of choosing a brand-new car Everything was going so well until it came to my choice of color I chose an Accord EX in black...


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