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Automobile breakdowns and roadside assistance

Tool-less TC and the Ladies of the Pine Tree State


Broken down in Maine? The ladies of the Pine Tree State are standing by with the tools you forgot to pack. 

can modern cars handle cranking the air conditioning during steep ascents

Can Car Talk Solve Marital Dispute About the AC?


Bill and his wife had a car years ago that would overheat on steep grades if they ran the AC. They've upgraded their cars since then but now they disagree on whether they still have to use the heater on inclines. Who's side will Car Talk take? 

Motorhome passenger side gets hot

Nadine's Motorhome is Running Hot: Can Car Talk Help?

Nadine's 2002 Class C Motorhome runs fine, but produces so much heat on the passenger side that it's uncomfortable to ride in, even with the AC on full blast. What does Car Talk suggest?
Can underfilling gas cause rust

Jan vs. Husband: Does Underfilling Gas Cause Rust?


Today: Car Talk settles a dispute between Jan and her husband about rust, gasoline filler pipes, and underfilling a tank. The wager? A nickel. Find out who wins here.

Is resting a car for long trips cheaper

Jan vs. Husband: Rental for a Road Trip?


Is it cheaper to rent on long road trips, or to drive your own car? Car Talk weighs in on Jan's problem.

When to use turn signals

Wife vs. Husband: Battle of the Turn Signals


Can Car Talk help convince Barb's husband that he should always use his turn signals? 

Is it safe to wash car parts in the dishwasher

Is this Transmission Dishwasher-Safe?

David wants Tom and Ray's permission to keep using the family dishwasher to clean his auto parts, but his wife and kids are crying "poison!" Is this an OK use for a home dishwasher--or will David find his major appliance privileges revoked?
Safety of driving with both hands

Hands-Free Driving?


Maria needs Tom and Ray's help to convince her husband that it's important to actually grip the steering wheel while driving. Her husband prefers a more hands-off approach, but he says he'll keep both hands on the wheel if Maria can find some statistics proving this is safer. Can Tom and Ray say anything to convince this guy of the error of his ways? 

Fast acceleration causes bad gas mileage

Husband to Blame for Bad Gas Mileage?


Lois's husband gets terrible gas mileage when he drives, and Lois wants Tom and Ray to explain why. Her theory: That her husband's jackrabbit starts at lights are causing the drop in MPG. Whose side will Tom and Ray take? Find out here. 

Is driving fast hard on the engine

Will vs. Wife: Engine Wear and Tear


Will thinks driving 55 mph is easier on his car's engine and uses less fuel, but his wife argues that going 75 mph means the engine is running for less time and is therefore doing less work. Who's correct? Will's male ego is riding on Tom and Ray's reply.


Rocket Fuel