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Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair
May 30, 2017

Knock Sensor Can Be a Costly, but Necessary, Pain to Repair

Dear Car Talk

When opportunity knocked, it was the opportunity to spend over two grand on a knock sensor replacement. Is there a cheaper repair option for William's 4Runner?

sensors Toyota 4Runner 2005

Car's Low-Tire-Pressure Light Won't Turn off after New Tire Install
Apr 20, 2017

Car's Low-Tire-Pressure Light Won't Turn off after New Tire Install

Dear Car Talk

Patsy's RAV4 insists that it has low tire pressure. Her tire shop says everything is fine. What's the final verdict?

tires sensors safety Toyota RAV4 2006

Do Check Engine Lights Ever Turn off by Themselves?
Apr 11, 2017

Do Check Engine Lights Ever Turn off by Themselves?

Dear Car Talk

Russell's RAV4 has a check engine light and mechanic telling him repairs are needed. But which one should he believe when the light occasionally turns off?

catalytic converters sensors check engine light Toyota RAV4 2002

Mar 04, 2016

Tire Pressure: Will We Soon Set It and Forget It?

Jim Motavalli

Michelin is coming out with Auto Inflate, which will maintain the correct pressure as the tire turns. Right now it's only for heavy-duty trucks, but that's likely to change soon.

tires sensors

Can repairing a tire damamge the tire sensor
Jan 28, 2016

Today: Did Phil's Mechanic Break the Tire Sensor?

Dear Car Talk

Phil's mechanic noticed that his tire sensor was cracked, but Phil decided not to repair it since it was still working fine. Two days later it was broken. Is his mechanic responsible, or is it true that "the stingy man pays the most?"

tires sensors mechanics

Mercury Grand Marquis oil light on
Jul 31, 2014

Oil Light vs. Dipstick: Which is More Accurate?

Dear Car Talk

The oil light came on in Scott's 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis, but when he checked the levels himself, they appeared to be fine. Find out which indicator Scott should believe, and why Tom and Ray say he should pony up the extra cash to get the sensor fixed, right here. 

oil sensors Mercury Grand Marquis

Toyota Sienna tire sensor malfunction
Apr 03, 2014

Who's to Blame for Tire Sensor Malfunction?

Dear Car Talk

Mir's tire-pressure warning light has been coming on ever since he had his tires replaced. His mechanic says the tire pressure is fine, and he should just drive it and the problem will fix itself. Tom and Ray say a tin of brownies might motivate Mir's mechanic to work a little harder on this issue. Find out what they think is going on, right here. 

tires sensors

Dakota truck won't start when it's damp
Mar 24, 2014

Today: Truck Won't Start on Damp Days

Dear Car Talk

Bob had a water pump failure on his 2001 Dakota and ever since, the truck won't start on damp days. Tom and Ray say he can solve his problem, easy! Just move to a drier climate. Death Valley perhaps? Read the rest of their advice, right here.

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Aftermarket parts versus factory parts
Oct 10, 2013

When Are Aftermarket Parts OK?

Dear Car Talk

Steve needs to do some repairs on his Dodge Durango but his friends are giving him conflicting advice. A mechanic buddy says he should definitely use real Dodge parts, but a friend who does auto rebuilding says he can get away with aftermarket products. Tom and Ray explain that there's no one-size-fits-all answer for aftermarket parts, but Steve can probably get away with using them in this case. Find out why, right here.

auto parts sensors aftermarket parts

Car won't start after driving cross country
Jul 16, 2013

Did a Loose Ground Ground Charlie's Ford Escape?

Dear Car Talk

Charlie took his Ford Escape on a cross-country trip and after stopping for gas on the way back, it refused to start back up. They had it towed to a service station where it miraculously started and behaved just fine for the rest of the trip. Now Charlie's wondering what went wrong and if it will happen again. Read Tom and Ray's advice for Charlie, right here.

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