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Baby Boomers Still Driving (But, Mostly, Staying Safe)

The postwar generation was the most mobile in history. Now they're reaching retirement age and don't want to give up the keys. Should we worry?

Today: Best Convertible for a Nonagenarian?

Anne's ready to trade in her Subaru Outback for something a little more fun. She wants a convertible. But she's also looking for something safe with good gas mileage; a 93-year-old lady has to be a little bit practical. What do Tom and Ray suggest? Something in red, obviously. 

Gayle's Not Ready to be Married to a Geezer

Gayle's active, fit and busy husband has started driving like a geezer. He's not yet 70 but he's already driving 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. Can Tom and Ray help or are they too far gone themselves?

Nancy's dad can't hear the turn signal. Can she turn up the volume?

My dad is older (87) but is still a good driver. However, his hearing is not very good. When he uses his turn signal for a gentle turn, and it doesn't shut off by itself, he can't hear it to turn...

Should Liz's partner be allowed to drive, after a few fainting spells?

My significant other has collapsed several times in restaurants. My children are concerned about his driving me around. What does one do in an emergency like that? I was told not to turn off the engine. He drives an SUV...

Today: car recommendations for older drivers.

I will be 77 years old soon and would like your opinion as to which of the following automobiles you would recommend for someone like me. I love driving, and I drive a stick shift to this very day. For the...

We continue to get mail about testing senior drivers...

by mail about whether older drivers should be tested to make sure they still have the vision judgment and physical abilities necessary to drive a car Most of the mail has supported our position that testing after a certain age...

Testing older drivers discriminatory? A few readers think so.

few more responses to our column on testing older drivers for a decline in skills There was a certain percentage of our respondents who were not opposed to testing but were opposed to singling out older drivers Dear Tom Ray...

Readers weigh in on our proposal to test senior drivers for safety.

more thoughts from our readers on the column we wrote about senior drivers We called for some sort of testing to weed out folks whose reflexes have deteriorated to the point where they can no longer safely operate a car...

More reader comments about our proposal to test senior drivers.

wrote a few weeks back about the need to test older drivers for competence generated hundreds of letters Surprisingly to us most of them supported our position -- although some did not RAY And a few of those were unprintable...


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