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Say Anything: Breaking Up with Your Car Dealer


Car dealers communicate like high school boyfriends desperately trying to save a relationship.

Want to Lose Big Money? Buy a Zillion-Dollar Supercar.

Nothing depreciates like yesterday's Bentley, Maserati or Mercedes C-Class. Cars that sold for more than $100,000 are worth less than a Toyota Corolla 10 years later.

PHOTO PHAIL: These Craigslist Ad Photos Do More Harm Than Good

You might not think a good photo is important, but it is. A decent photo of a car in a Craigslist ad will sell your car for more money. A photo that shows your old gym bag and YooHoo bottles in the trunk will not.

Today: Is Cathy Stuck With Son's Sebring?

Cathy's son moved to Europe and left his 2001 Chrysler Sebring with his mother. Problem is, the engine imploded only a few weeks after his departure. They still owe a few payments on the car and now Cathy's not sure what to do with it once it's paid off. What will Tom and Ray reccomend? 
Selling a damaged Plymouth Voyager

How do I sell a car for parts?


Barbara gave the rear of her 1998 Plymouth Voyager Minivan a huge wedgie by backing into a cement post, but the engine is still in good shape. How should she go about selling this car for parts?

should i pay to fix the shift lock override

Should Bev fix her '00 Ford Escort before she puts it up for sale?


I have a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 with 110,000 miles and an automatic transmission. It starts fine, but I cannot get it out of park unless I stick a screwdriver in the shift lock override slot while turning the key. That's a...

Plan on selling a used car, or know someone who is? Check out Tom and Ray's advice to Denise.

I am planning to buy a 2006 Subaru Forester this year and don't want to deal with the trade-in hassle and rip-off, so I'm thinking about selling my five-speed Subaru 1997 Impreza Outback Sport privately. I'm a little wary about the whole...

Come on you guys I just read your most recent...

Come on you guys I just read your most recent column about buying a new car I sell cars for a living Although I realize everyone wants that good deal out there why do you advise people that the dealer...

If dealers always sell cars below dealer invoice, how do they stay in business?

I assume that car dealers pay rent or mortgages sales commissions interest taxes utilities etc Since most dealers frequently offer sales promotions at or below dealer invoice why haven't they all long since gone out of business Two percent or...

Which is better: selling my Camry outright or parting it out?

I'd like your advice on whether I'd make more money selling my ' Camry All-Trac outright or by parting it out The car has miles and will soon need a new transmission valve job struts and who knows what else...


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