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Build First, Ask Questions Later


Autonomous cars will change the way we live. So why is industry getting to call our shot into the future?

From the Cockpit, It's Ford's Self-Driving Car


We're getting closer to taking the driver out of the equation. Ford is putting its autonomous vehicles into shuttle service on its Dearborn, Michigan, corporate campus by 2018. Meanwhile, journalists get to go along for test rides.

The End of the Private Car? It's Coming.


The future is a shared, autonomous electric pod. Is that scary? Here are the benefits.

The case against self-driving cars.

Jesus Don't Take the Wheel


I'll drive, thanks. But if you don't mind, would you take a quick look at my insurance policy?

Big Wheels: A Clean Revolution for Trucks and Buses

Dirty tailpipes are still spewing diesel pollution, but new technology will make the nation's 18-wheelers and transit systems much more environmentally friendly.

Silicon Valley Has the Stardust, but the Automakers Know Cars

Google and Apple have the Big Three running scared, but they're not ready to build their own vehicles. Tesla? Well, that's another story.

The Driverless Car is Coming: But Are Human Drivers Happy About It?

You might trust Google to deliver your Nigerian scam email, but do you trust them to deliver you safely through traffic? Those are the kinds of questions that the MIT AgeLab is asking you to answer in a survey on autonomous technology, as part of the NEMPA/MIT Technology Conference on May 26.

Can Automakers Be Trusted? Probably Not--And It Really Matters

The scandals are mounting, and as we move toward self-driving cars its critical that carmakers play it straight. The software has to work.

Better Ideas: Ford's Future Mobility Visions

Self-driving cars sooner than you think, 3-D printed parts, natural and lightweight materials, car sharing, and e-bikes. And here's the surprise: This is from Ford.

Audi President Scott Keogh on "Piloted Driving"

Audi is moving fast with self-driving cars on the racetrack and the road, and it's introducing that tech on the cars coming next year. But sitting in the back with your cellphone? That's going to take a while.


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