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Better Ideas: Ford's Future Mobility Visions

Self-driving cars sooner than you think, 3-D printed parts, natural and lightweight materials, car sharing, and e-bikes. And here's the surprise: This is from Ford.

Audi President Scott Keogh on "Piloted Driving"

Audi is moving fast with self-driving cars on the racetrack and the road, and it's introducing that tech on the cars coming next year. But sitting in the back with your cellphone? That's going to take a while.

What To Expect When Apple Makes A Car

Apple is apparently working on an automobile. Owning one is going to be a little different. Car Talk's worst case scenario, here. 

Apple and Google: Tomorrow's Carmakers?

Is Apple jealous of Google's self-driving cars? Cupertino seems to be plotting its own minivan. Here's why it just might make sense. 

Tesla's $2 Billion Reveal: A Hopped-Up AWD Model S on Autopilot

Elon Musk can get the world's attention--and a stock market surge--with just a tweet. Here's the story on the much-hyped Tesla D.

Self-Driving Cars: Look, Ma, No Hands May Be Around the Corner

Audi hosts a forum for futurists who see a self-driving car in your future. The technology (including artificial intelligence software, radar, GPS, and embedded sensors) is there, but liability questions still loom large.

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