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can a special oil drainage plug keep engine oil from getting discolored

'Magic' Oil Plug Comprised Mostly of Snake Oil


Did a $5 widget sold in the 1950's actually keep oil clean, or did it just clean out wallets?

Beware Masquerading Flood-Damaged Cars From Texas

The used-car market is at risk of inundation from prettied up cars that were underwater during the big Lone Star storms.
Saturn L100 fails smog test

Why Won't Car Pass Inspection?


Nadine's son's car won't pass the smog inspection until he gets a new catalytic converter. Car Talk thinks someone pulled a fast one on him when he bought the car. 

Most Bogus Auto Repair?

What's the most boooogus repair you've heard of? Tell us!

Today: how to handle a dishonest mechanic.

I took my car in because the air conditioner wasn't blowing cold air. I was told there was a leak in the high-pressure hose and it needed to be replaced. Well, 250 dollars later, I had cool air again ... for a...

Was Mike on the verge of losing a boat payment to a crooked dealership? Find out.

We have a 2001 Honda Civic that was just serviced at the dealership for its routine 90,000-mile service. During the checkup, they strenuously suggested that we replace the front-end lower ball joints, as they were worn out and had too much...

Federico got taken for a ride-- by his local repair shop. Find out how you can avoid the same trap.

We purchased a new 2005 Jeep Liberty for our daughter last year and have faithfully taken it in to the dealership where we bought it for routine maintenance. At the time of the last maintenance checkup (11,784 miles), the repair shop performed...

Having regret over disconnecting an odometer cable to adhere to lease terms. What can I do to make it up to the dealer?

Help I think I'm in deep doo-doo The two-year lease on my Jeep Cherokee is about to expire I did the unthinkable I unhooked the odometer cable at the transmission But after miles my conscience won out and I reconnected...

A reader lets us know about a new car related money-making, scam.

Here's a story I think most people should know about I went to the doctor's office to seek help for a sinus infection the other day I parked my ' Jeep Cherokee on the street When I got done the...

Is paying $100 to fill your tires with nitrogen for longer lasting air pressure a great idea...or a scam?

I heard a story on my local NPR station about a place in Houston where car owners can have the air in their tires replaced with nitrogen at a cost of This service is advertised as a fuel economy enhancement...


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