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Today: Seat Covers vs. Side Air Bags

The owner's manual for Maurine's 2009 Hyundai Sonata says that seat covers will inactivate the air bag response. But Maurine drives long distances and loves her padded seat covers. Is there a way around this? Tom and Ray say she's in luck! A solution exists for her problem and she can find it on . . . The Internet! Find out more, right here. 

Cars Talking to Each Other Will Save Lives, the Feds Say

It's called vehicle-to-vehicle communications, or V2V. And NHTSA says requiring it on all new cars can reduce accidents 70 to 80 percent.

I Spy... Volvo's Animal Avoidance System (about Two Years Down the Road)

Frequently find yourself eye-to-eye with Bullwinkle? Car Talk’s Wildlife Guru reports on a unique, new safety feature that just might prevent an accident.

Coming Soon: The Idiot-Proof, Thinking Car

What if you could make your car absolutely idiot-proof? MIT, right here in Cambridge, is working on a semi-autonomous accident-avoidance system that promises to take over when danger is imminent.

Deathtraps of Yore

We’ve all heard that cars are safer now than they’ve ever been before. These archival images of auto accidents in Boston really capture that message -- and also the improvements we see in today’s cars.

The Lost Art of Backing Up

Remember when you had to turn around to look behind you? Thanks in good measure to the jacked-up behemoths that began to roam the land en masse in the ‘Nineties, it’s become a largely futile practice.

What happens when technology fails us?

If you think technology will deliver us from driver distraction, just watch this video of a Volvo crash test! The pedestrian avoidance system was designed by Volvo to detect and avoid hitting a pedestrian thereby improving pedestrian safety. In the video, 1 out of 4 tests resulted on a system fail...

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