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Adaptive Headlights Got Their Inspiration from an Oldie


Remember the 1948 Tucker? Modern car designers do, and they're using adaptive lighting to improve safety.

is it safe to put the car in neutral on a downhill

Coasting Downhill in Neutral -- Bonus or Boooogus?


Ted wants to know if coasting down a hill in neutral saves wear and tear, and gas. 

should i spend another two grand on a twenty-year-old car

When Is a Newer Car a Better Fit for a New Driver?


Gordon's faithful old Toyota needs some pricey repairs before he hands the keys to his teen granddaughter. Should he go to the shop or car lot?

simulating texting and driving

Texting While Driving Kills, and Virtual Reality Tool Is the Convincer


AT&T is taking its driving simulator on the road--to schools, medical centers and businesses--to prove that It Can Wait. Turn that cellphone off.

why does my car automatically slow down after turning a corner

Ray Offers a Couple of Final Suggestions before Eldorado Is Ditched


Can Ray help Arlene's Eldorado come to its senses? It's been veering towards fences for so long.

what's the safest way to navigate multilane highways

Surviving the Superhighway Free-For-All


Virginia's cross-country trip convinced her that freeways are a moving mosh pit. What's the best way to stay safe on the highway?

First Fender Benders: Tales From the Car Talk Community

Everybody has a first accident, and with luck we emerge sadder but wiser. Here are some first-person accounts from the Car Talk Community.
what car is safest to prevent injuries in a rear-end accident

Help! My Tank Keeps Getting Rear-Ended!


Paige has been rear-ended twice in an older pickup truck and it's getting old---not just the truck, but the accidents. What can newer vehicles offer that are better than the faithful old tank she's driving now?

Bear crossing roadway

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?


And how exactly did it do that? Animal crossings here. 

is there a safe classic car for a new driver

Classic or "Modern Classic" for a New Driver?


Nancy's daughter wants a classic for her first car. How old can it be and still have some safety features?


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