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Car Insurance: Are We Getting the Discounts We Deserve?

Drivers who mostly leave their cars in the garage aren't getting low-mileage rate cuts, despite statistics that show how how infrequently they get in accidents. Meanwhile, GM's OnStar teams up with Progressive to offer safe-driving savings... that's not without risks of its own. 

Cars are Safer Today, But Bigger Isn't Always Better

A victory against carnage on the roads: A new insurance industry survey cites systems like ABS brakes, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control for protecting Americans from fatalities, and it also names some winners and losers. Nine cars have zero death rates, and the Kia Rio and Nissan Versa win the booby prize.

Crash-Related Fatalities: IIHS Report

Forget about stars, which cars can save your life?

Distracted Driving: The Hands-Free Myth Persists

New studies are confirming that hands-free devices are not the solution to distracted driving. Tom and Ray have been saying this for years. 

Tesla Cleared in Federal Safety Inquiry

The Tesla steamroller is back on track. A four-month investigation into battery fires ends with a "no defect trend" verdict from NHTSA.

Total Recall: GM Bites the Bullet

"Unmitigated crap cans from the day they left the factories... these flawed, uncompetitive machines bespoke GM’s utter indifference to cars as it chased rich SUV profits..."

Pedestrian Deaths Down (But the Toll's Still Too Damned High)

The number of fatalities fell by nearly nine percent in the first half of 2013, but that's still nearly 2,000 deaths. A combination of smart urban design and safety-conscious cars could bring that number to zero.

Something Serious, For a Change...

Every week, we get mail sharing stories about people who have been killed or seriously injured by distracted drivers. Please take a moment out of your day to watch even just a minute of it this video and share it with your friends and family.

Today: Richard's Smooth Ride

Richard says the ride in his Lexus is not quite smooth enough, so he makes a practice of driving with underinflated tires. His brother says this is dangerous! Tom and Ray side with Richard's brother. Find out why, right here. 

Today: Can Richard Make His Son Slow Down?

Richard's son drives too fast. With speeding tickets, fast starts and sudden braking, Richard is worried that he may be doing permanent damage to the car. Tom and Ray agree, but will they help him out? After all, they need customers like Richard's son--how else could mechanics make their boat payments each month? 


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