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Classic or "Modern Classic" for a New Driver?

Nancy's daughter wants a classic for her first car. How old can it be and still have some safety features?

The Safest State for Teen Drivers? Can You Believe It's Massachusetts?

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers, but Massachusetts is bucking the trend. How? Strict regulation of how kids get their tickets to ride. The safest states delay full licensing, require lots of on-the-road training, and limit how many partying friends can ride along.

Is this "Millennial" Falcon a Safe Bet?

Can an older car be upgraded to more modern safety standards? Ken's friend has his sights set on an older Ford Falcon. Is it family car material?

Can Automakers Be Trusted? Probably Not--And It Really Matters

The scandals are mounting, and as we move toward self-driving cars its critical that carmakers play it straight. The software has to work.

Americans Driving More, Having More Accidents--in Gas Guzzlers

Cheap gas makes it easier to maintain the family budget, but it's propelling us into long road trips in our new SUVs.

A Victory for Consumers! Online Safety Data Will Save You Money (and Maybe Your Life)

The federal safety agency is going to post everything, including technical service bulletins with information that could get your car fixed free of charge.

Is It Safe To Drive Car With Slipping Transmission?

The transmission on Bill's 2000 Volvo V70 is slipping. Is it safe to keep driving it? Car Talk's take, right here.

Today: New Prius Headrest is a Pain in the Neck

Jeannette loves her new Prius C except for one thing: the headrest. It's screwing with her posture and can't be adjusted. Can Car Talk help?

Today: No Flying Dogs

Are all pet restraints equally effective? The scoop from Car Talk's pet experts, crash test videos, and more, right here.

Highway Deaths Up in 2015, and Lots of "Cheap Gas" Driving Is the Cause

Cars are safer than they've ever been, drunk driving is down and seatbelt use is up, so only miles traveled explains it.


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