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simulating texting and driving

Texting While Driving Kills, and Virtual Reality Tool Is the Convincer


AT&T is taking its driving simulator on the road--to schools, medical centers and businesses--to prove that It Can Wait. Turn that cellphone off.

safe driving tips

Five Steps to Being a Safer Driver


None of this advice is new, but it's all common sense--and we commonly ignore it. These things really can save your life.

off-roading mercedes

Six Everyday Driving Tips From Off-Road School


Can driving in the woods teach you anything about how to get around the mean streets of what passes for civilization these days? We spent a day at off-road driving school and here's what we learned. 

Winter car recommendations

Is Hyundai Elantra GT the Right Car for Winter?


Martin slid off the highway last winter and is worried that his 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is not the right car for winter. What does Car Talk suggest?

Deer whistles to keep deer off the road.

Do Deer Whistles Actually Work?


Wolves don't whistle, so why do we think that attaching whistles to our cars makes them deer proof?

Winter Tires: Here's Why You Need Them

Remember when the first day of winter meant hauling out the snow tires? We've been fooled by "all-season radials" into thinking we don't need winter tires anymore, but who're we kidding?

Ten Tips for Avoiding an Interstate Pileup


Car Talk guest blogger Jim Graham narrowly dodged being part of a 35-car pileup during a recent snow squall. How did he do it? See his 10 tips, right here.

How to handle a stuck accelerator

Today: How to Handle a Stuck Accelerator


Tom and Ray counsel Dan who got some bad information about what to do when an accelerator sticks. Great safety advice, plus some wild theorizing on why automakers decided to give up on keyed ignitions, right here.

Safety of driving with both hands

Hands-Free Driving?


Maria needs Tom and Ray's help to convince her husband that it's important to actually grip the steering wheel while driving. Her husband prefers a more hands-off approach, but he says he'll keep both hands on the wheel if Maria can find some statistics proving this is safer. Can Tom and Ray say anything to convince this guy of the error of his ways? 

Is it legal to drive with three people in the front

Today: Do Seatbelt Laws Apply to Old Jaguar?


David has an old Jaguar. When he was young and irresponsible, he used to drive with three people in the front. Is that still legal? Was it ever? Tom and Ray suggest he get a second Jag. That way he'll have enough seatbelts for four and he'll double his chances of being able to start at least one of them on any given day.


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