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When is a rust spot a wee bit too big for Bondo? Find out.

I have a huge rust spot on my car, a '95 Subaru. It is not really a rust "spot," but rather a missing part of my car that has rust around it. I tried to sand it down and put Bondo on it and...

Is it time for Marty to give his '92 Civic rust bucket the old heave-ho?

My 1992 Honda Civic LX sedan has 155,000 miles on it and has spent many Minnesota winters outside in the salt and the cold. The car runs great but it is very rusty. There is a hole in the trunk. A few...

Can I add rust inhibitor to my antifreeze?

I've heard you guys talk about antifreeze and the need to replace it every year or two because of radiator rusting.

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