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A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?

Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

America's Oddest Highway Attractions

The Old Weird US of A still lives, out there on Route 66, the old Lincoln Highway, and byways across the country. 

Advice For Bringing Fido on Vacation

Is your dog a model hotel guest? Or would he be better off skipping this year's road trip? Advice from Car Talk's pet experts. 

"Barn Finds" Are Still Out There, Rusting in Peace

Tom Cotter is an old car sleuth extraordinaire, and in his latest book he uncovers 1,000 collectible cars in two weeks. But don't expect bargains--owner/hoarders have unrealistic ideas about value.

Should Lee Replace Parts Before Long Trip?

Lee's taking a cross-country road trip in a fifteen year old car. Does Car Talk recommend any preventative maintenance before the trip? Find out here.

Vintage Travel Decals: Where Useless Information, Sex and Stereotypes Meet

Back when Americans used to drive everywhere on vacation, every tourist trap had these travel decals, so you could show off your travels with cartoons featuring sexy ladies, useless information and whatever stereotype that state was known for.

10 Road Trip Cars Better Than Bugsy's Van

Many, many years ago, I drove Ray, John “Bugsy” Lawlor and the Boston Globe’s John R. White from Boston to Detroit in what was called “The Enlarged Prostate Express.” We made the trek in Bugsy’s 15-passenger Ford Econoline. There were better cars to make that trip in. Pretty much ANY car is a better car than something with the aerodynamic profile of a tool shed.

Jan vs. Husband: Rental for a Road Trip?

Is it cheaper to rent on long road trips, or to drive your own car? Car Talk weighs in on Jan's problem.
Driving on bridge over river on road trip.

A Bad Camry in a Good Land


Strawberry milkshakes, pet rats, and the best rest area to get a good night's sleep between California and Michigan. On the road with intrepid Car Talk blogger Jim Hanna.

Road Trip America: Heading for the Highway on Labor Day

A new survey says nine out of 10 Americans "like creating memories with family and friends on car trips."


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