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Jan vs. Husband: Rental for a Road Trip?

Is it cheaper to rent on long road trips, or to drive your own car? Car Talk weighs in on Jan's problem.

A Bad Camry in a Good Land

Strawberry milkshakes, pet rats, and the best rest area to get a good night's sleep between California and Michigan. On the road with intrepid Car Talk blogger Jim Hanna.

Road Trip America: Heading for the Highway on Labor Day

A new survey says nine out of 10 Americans "like creating memories with family and friends on car trips."

What's the Real Cost of a Car Trip?

Rachel wants to know how much it costs per mile to run a car. Her friends calculate the cost of by the cost of the gas used, but Rachel thinks they should also factor in wear and tear on the engine, maintenance, etc. Luckily, the IRS calculates this number every year. The answer, plus Tom and Ray's advice on whether Rachel should start billing her friends at the IRS rate for rides around town, right here. 

Today: Recreating a Road Trip

Patrick and his old roommate had so much fun on their post-college road trip 25 years ago that they're doing it again--same route and same car, a 1960 Triumph TR3. What should they bring with them to help with it inevitably breaks down? Will Tom and Ray have any advice for Patrick? (Or will they be too busy fishing for an invitation to tag along?)

Today: Should Threat of Breakdown Stop Trip?

Zach's dad wants to take the boys on a road trip in his vintage Studebaker, but their mom worries that they'll break down. Tom and Ray say, mom's right, but they should take the trip anyway! Can they help Zach can convince his mom that breaking down is part of the adventure?

Now THAT'S a Road Trip!

A 23-year road trip?! Check out the story of one man's incredible journey. 

A Jeep Runs Through It

Go West, Young Bodetts! Rollbars, ATVs, and some pretty cool cowboy hats, this way.

Roadside Safari

Ever wonder why road trips are such a great opportunity to spot wildlife? Dr. Kieran Lindsay has answers. 

John's Electric Car Road Trip: Bogus or Brilliant?

John has an idea to help fully electric cars go the distance on road trips: pack your own generator. Will this actualy work, or will Tom and Ray send him back to the drawing board?


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