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Three Cheers (or Charges) for the Volt

Our Esteemed Producer reviews the new Chevy Volt.

The Dodge Dart Rides Again

Hey, Tom and Ray, are you sitting down? Maybe you better. I've just returned from the Detroit Auto Show where I caught a glimpse of the first real progeny of the Fiat-Chrysler marriage.

Don't Come Knockin' ... This Electric Van is Rockin'

Vans don't get much respect, but how do you think all our stuff gets delivered? Ford is fielding 1,000 battery electric Transit Connect delivery vehicles and I just took a silent spin in a very promising example.

Any recommendations for an SUV in 1995?

My question concerns buying a sport utility vehicle I am enamored with the way the Jeep Grand Cherokee looks but I've heard some disaster stories about its performance Consumer Reports does not recommend it My next choices are the Isuzu...

A year-long test of the Mazda 929S

fixing cars or defending ourselves against lawsuits one of the things we do is test drive new cars Usually we get them for a couple of weeks but once in a while we get one for a long-term test And...

In our humble opinion...

chores really start to pile up my brother and I start looking for things to do Luckily we can always use the excuse that we have to test some new cars So while our wives were out raking the leaves...

Click & Clack share opinions on some of the cars they'e recently driven.

Despite my brother's persistent attempts to keep his bucket of bolts on the road year after year, we realize that most sane people buy new cars from time to time. So we'd like to periodically give you our impressions of some of the new cars we drive.


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