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A Pointy Headed New Yorker Reviews the Ford F-150


The Ford F-150 Limited Edition: Not ideal for commuting. But people like these things for a reason.

Montauk by Seaplane: The Volvo S90 in the Hamptons


The new flagship Volvo S90 bristles with technology, as does the Cadillac CT6. Both are taking on the German competition.

uScooter Review: The Perfect Apocalypse Vehicle?

The ideal vehicles to own for the next apocalyptic event, which will surely involve a traffic jam of biblical proportions, are small-bore motorcycles, rubber dinghies, ideally with motors, and foldable bicycles. The electric scooter is ready for instant elevation to that group.

Fast Times in Cuba: Racing Culture Returns

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt's new documentary, Havana Motor Club, counts down to Cuba's first sanctioned road racing in 50 years. Will it actually happen or not?

At One with the Rain in a Polaris Slingshot

This three-wheeled motorcycle/sports car thingy is serious fun--until the skies open up.
Hyundai Elantra brake problems

This Week's Turd of the Week


Brake problems, suspension issues, and electrical woes won this week's top dishonor for this surprise contender. Find out which car is Car Talk's Turd of the Week, right here.

The New Mini Clubman: Bigger Than Ever

The redesigned Mini Clubman. For better or worse, the small wagon is bigger than ever. Read the full review here. 

Car Talk Owner Reviews

Car Talk fans talk about their cars. The funniest comments from actual reviews, right here.

E-Golf Extended Test: Can It Hack a New York Winter?

Volkswagen -- the company -- has 99 problems, conservatively speaking. But VW’s electric car, that is to say the silk blue metallic e-Golf SEL premium we’ve been testing for the past eight months and 11,080 miles, isn’t one of them.  

"Bikes vs. Cars": A Film That Fights the Tyranny of the Tailpipe

In Toronto, a biker or pedestrian is hit in traffic every three hours; someone is killed every seven hours. Los Angeles and São Paulo, Brazil are no better, but Copenhagen is paradise for two wheelers, the new movie says.


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