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should only gearheads own classic cars

The Heart Wants What it Wants


Vince loves his '55 Ford. Is there a rational way to make the romance last?

is there an easy fix for sluggish shifting

A Slow-Shifting Skylark: A Lesson on Older Automatic Transmissions


A sluggish transmission on a vintage car is a teachable moment on how old automatics work.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Lives Again!

Dick Van Dyke's flying car returns. A retired NYPD police sergeant (who doubles as John Lennon in a Beatles tribute band) spent five years building a replica of the movie car. Although it was an Ian Fleming kids' book, there was a real 1920s Chitty, and my daughter and I took it for a spin in 1999.

Wheeler Dealers: British TV Show Restores Cars for Fun and Profit

In their colorful reality show on Discovery, a car trader and a mechanic team up to restore and flip cars, telling you just how they did it.

Is it high time that Cynthia went for that '94 Mustang?

I have a fairly beat-up 1994 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible. It was made the last year they made the 5.0 in the newer, more curvaceous body style. Through childhood, I was a car girl and a Mustang enthusiast. So when it came time...
should i spend the money to restore a 1952 mgtd i finally inherited

Should Tom dive in and restore the family heirloom sports car?


OK perhaps life begins at 50 with a 55-year-old sports car. My brother Eddy (No. 3 out of six), acquired this wonderful chick magnet of a car back in 1964. My parents swear that the only reason they assented to the purchase of...

is it a good idea to take a 1957 desoto on a eurasian road trip

A 1957 DeSoto would make an excellent restoration candidate...and souvenir.


I'm an Army warrant officer in northern Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom All of my colleagues want the usual Iraqi Army war trophies bayonets helmets protective masks etc Well I thought of something more original I want to...

Is this MGB-GT worth $30k in restoration costs?

As a young man in the early s I purchased a used MGB-GT for My mechanic says it now needs to be restored Everything from a new body to a new chassis new interior clutch gas tank floors etc I...

Where can I find a wiring diagram for a 1956 Mercury Monterey?

I am looking for a print of a wiring diagram for a Mercury Monterey I am mostly interested in the gas- and oil-gauge section -- Michel TOM Do you want a framed print And does it have to be original...

Where can I find parts for the Dodge Dart I'm attempting to restore?

I'm in the process of restoring a Dodge Dart and my only problem so far is trying to find weather stripping for the trunk and the doors I called all the Dodge dealers in my area and every one of...


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