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Don't Gamble on Ball Joints

A mechanic at John's local quick oil change place told him his ball joints were worn. John hasn't noticed any changes in the handling or tire wear, and he doesn't trust this guy. What should he do? Tom and Ray say even if this mechanic is running a scam, John would be wise to heed the warning and get a second opinion. Find out why, right here. 

Is Favorite Safe Car Post-Collision?

Phil's Honda Fit was sandwiched between a big Jeep and an even bigger mini-van during a recent rear-end collision. The insurance repaired the car but Phil wonders if they should be worried.
Find out how Tom and Ray would check for structural damage, right here.

Today: Is Cathy Stuck With Son's Sebring?

Cathy's son moved to Europe and left his 2001 Chrysler Sebring with his mother. Problem is, the engine imploded only a few weeks after his departure. They still owe a few payments on the car and now Cathy's not sure what to do with it once it's paid off. What will Tom and Ray reccomend? 

Patrick's Audi Failed Inspection: Should He Sell?

Patrick's 2001 Audi needs a new catalytic converter but the cost of the repair nearly equals the value of the car. Tom and Ray think it might be worth it to fix the car in this case. Find out why right here.

Today: Plugs, patches or new tires?

Bill has had three flat tires in less than twenty-four hours and suspects there may be more flats in his future. Can he safely repair his tires using plugs or patches, or is he going to need to invest in new tires every few weeks?

Can Sarah get away with spending less on her brakes?

So my Kia Rio has a brake-fluid leak A reeeeally bad brake-fluid leak So bad that the floor of my back seat is fully littered with empty brake-fluid bottles Now I am pretty low on money Quite broke indeed And...

How can Tom get Walmart to replace his engine?

My wife had the oil changed in her 2010 Camry at Walmart. One week later, as she was finishing her 25-mile morning commute, she noticed a noise coming from the engine while she parked the car. She called me to report...

How can William keep his belt on? (The one on his Chrysler, that is?)

I have a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan with the six-cylinder engine. Whenever I drive through a puddle, the belt slips off. All of the original undercarriage guards are still present and in factory condition. I have replaced the water...

Today: Tom and Ray consider two very different ways to repair cars.

OK. I have two sons of opposite disposition, but who are great friends anyway. We do as much work on cars as we can to save money and maintain some sense that we haven't been made entirely useless by today's...

Five Auto Repair Mishaps: True Stories from My Garage

Here is documented evidence I should never be let near any car pointing the business end of a wrench. Tom and Ray, don't hire me to do anything mechanical--not even if you're desperate. I can only write about cars, not work on them.


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