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should i trade in my car or keep it until it totally dies

When the Car Tells You It's Time to Trade, Listen


Is that little whisper saying "fix me" or "trade me"? Here's one story where the message is clear.

why would a car shake shiver while idling

The Scion with the Shimmy


Ann's Scion tC has a case of the shakes at idle. Is replacing the spark plugs a good guess at a solution?

is exhaust from a classic car dangerous to breathe

The Engine is a Stinker, But Have They Exhausted All Options?


Lola's '46 Ford truck has the smelliest exhaust in the neighborhood. Is it worth fixing, or is it a health hazard?

should i spend another two grand on a twenty-year-old car

When Is a Newer Car a Better Fit for a New Driver?


Gordon's faithful old Toyota needs some pricey repairs before he hands the keys to his teen granddaughter. Should he go to the shop or car lot?

how can i find fair prices for car repairs

Getting That Reality Check Before Writing a Check


Bill asks whether his repair estimate is reasonable or booogus--and if there's a website that'll help him decide.

do i need to surrender a faulty part to get a mechanic to replace it

Who Keeps That Faulty Part?


Ellen's new alternator left her stranded 90 miles away from the shop. The mechanic wants it back before he'll refund her money. Is this common?

Smart Fortwo mechanic problems

Applying Some Smarts to a Failed Fortwo Repair


Is Bonnie's Smart dealership giving her the runaround when it comes to fixing her runabout? 

could my mechanic have predicted the oil leak in my car

Does Oil Leak Mean Engine Death For Sue's Subaru?


Sue just changed the head gasket on her 2002 Subaru Forrester. Now it's leaking oil. What gives? 

How important are ball joints

Don't Gamble on Ball Joints

A mechanic at John's local quick oil change place told him his ball joints were worn. John hasn't noticed any changes in the handling or tire wear, and he doesn't trust this guy. What should he do? Tom and Ray say even if this mechanic is running a scam, John would be wise to heed the warning and get a second opinion. Find out why, right here. 
is it safe to drive my honda fit after being rear ended

Is Favorite Safe Car Post-Collision?


Phil's Honda Fit was sandwiched between a big Jeep and an even bigger mini-van during a recent rear-end collision. The insurance repaired the car but Phil wonders if they should be worried.
Find out how Tom and Ray would check for structural damage, right here.


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