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In the Driver's Seat of Hertz' New Mustang GT-H

Fifty years ago, Hertz rented out Carroll Shelby's hot GT350 Ford fastback. Now, for nostalgia or fun, you can grab an even faster version. I did.

Jan vs. Husband: Rental for a Road Trip?

Is it cheaper to rent on long road trips, or to drive your own car? Car Talk weighs in on Jan's problem.

Business Trips: To Rent or Not to Rent

Tom and Ray advise Kyle who wonders whether it's better to rent a car for business trips or take the mileage reimbursement and use his own car. 

Are we crazy to buy a used car that used to be a rental?

My wife and I are looking at a used car a Mazda from a rental company The advantages we see are a lower price than buying from a dealer good selection and accurate maintenance records -- not to mention a...

Putting the miles on someone else's car...

I read your recent column from someone named Heather She was trying to decide whether she should drive to New Orleans or fly to New Orleans I thought you and your readers might be interested in our solution to a...

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