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The Good News (and the Bad Loopholes) on Fuel Economy

Automakers are reaching their federal mileage targets, but only thanks to some clever industry lobbying for loopholes. See what's going down.

Big Oil vs. Big Ethanol: A PR Battle Royal

The EPA is proposing a big cut in the Renewable Fuel Standard, but ethanol producers say it's all political and the regulators are bowing to oil company pressure.

Obama's Green Car Plan Is a Job Creator (or Not)

The Obama Administration has finalized its fuel economy plan through 2025, and its supporters say it's a big engine for job growth. Romney disagrees, but he's talking millions of jobs from his drill, drill, drill energy plan. What's going on? A political season with worrisome unemployment figures.

Christmastime for the Telecommunications Industry

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause. Just ask the telecoms of the world who are rejoicing in the surprise overruling of the NTSB's recommendation to ban the use of cell phones in cars by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

When Industry Says It Can't Be Done That's When You Know It Can

By the time Anthony Weiner got around to avowing recently that the content of any texts he sent minor females was not "indecent" was there anyone still inclined to take his word for it? That's the way I feel when I hear the American automobile industry howl with pain over their own dire prophesies when discussing proposed fuel economy regulations.

Don't Like Government Regulation? How'd You Like Another Pinto?

September 11th: A day that lives in infamy for more reasons than one. Thirty-one years to the day before the vicious attack that took so many lives on this date in New York City in 2001, the Ford Motor Co. introduced the Pinto.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood Answers Nine Questions from Car Talk

Tom and Ray sat down to ask Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood several questions about driver distraction.

On Nanny State Legislation

Texting while driving is dangerous. The odds of crashing are 8 times higher than driving without distraction. That’s worse than the crash risk for drivers intoxicated by alcohol at the legal limit!

Studying the obvious

Some have accused us of studying the obvious. In our defense, I would note that what might seem to be obvious might not be true.

Do cell phone laws make the roads any safer?

Every state legislature has considered regulations that would prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Several have enacted laws that prohibit drivers from using hand-held cell phones but allow drivers to use hands-free devices. Will these laws make the roads any safer?

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