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Massachusetts DMV

2.5 Hours in the "Improved" Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles


What's the word for when you're reading an article about the new, improved Registry of Motor Vehicles during your second hour in line at one?

I bought a 2015 VW diesel. I also suffer from Asthma. Boy, am I ticked off.

Pass the Ventolin and—oh, one other thing—F*&% You, VW. Car Talk's Senior Web Lackey on VW's massive diesel deceit.

Muscle Mania: Why Dodge's 707-Horsepower Hellcat Shouldn't Be Your Next Toy

We're worshipping speed again, with automakers competing to offer outrageous supercars, and 60s' hot rods making crazy prices at auctions.

What a Drag: Time to Get Rid of Outside Mirrors

A Car Talk crusade: It's time for side mirrors to go! Ray Magliozzi and Jim Motavalli make their case against ugly, drag producing side mirrors. Agree? Disagree? Join the debate, right here.

NHTSA's Misguided Driver Distraction Guidelines

Tom and Ray sound off on why NHTSA's new driver distraction guidelines are destined to fail and fail big. Luckily, they have a few solutions in mind. Read all about it right here.

Microsoft Windows for automobiles? We're not a fan of the idea.

I just heard on the news that Microsoft has announced a special version of Windows for automotive application It sounds like my future cars will have computer-Internet interfaces hard-wired as standard equipment I generally keep my cars for eight to...

Don't ever, ever keep driving if your brakes have failed without having a mechanic check your car out.

Finding myself hemmed in at a baseball game I managed to get my right front wheel of my front wheel drive car stuck in a small ditch After rocking back and forth I got it free I proceeded on my...

And yet another parking light aficionado...

Parking lights needed and justified or a relic from the past Both As defined in the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers in Surface Vehicle Standard J Parking lamps whether separate or combined with other lamps are located on both the...

Rocket Fuel