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Honda Civic overheats while idling

Today: Marlene's Drive-Thru-Hating Civic


Marlene's Honda Civic runs like a dream--unless she's waiting in line at a drive-thru. Is there something broken, or is her car just trying to send her a message about healthy eating? Read Tom and Ray's opinion right here.

can an engine coolant cool my idling engine

Will Coolant Help This Hot Engine?


Josh's engine is running hot and he wonders if adding coolant will solve the problem. Will this cheap fix work, or is he about to get some bad (and expensive) news from Tom and Ray?

Can an overheated car be fixed with water

Who's right when it comes to overheating: Chrissy or the Viagra ad?


Love your show and your column! I'm sure you have seen the Viagra commercial on TV in which the intrepid driver notices that his muscle car is overheating. He swings jauntily into a service station, buys a cold bottle of...

Can you use malt liquor as an engine coolant

Can malt liquor be used as an engine coolant?


Last summer, I was commuting home from work on the highway, and my 1998 Nissan Maxima started to overheat. The temperature outside was 90+. The engine started heaving, so I had to pull off the interstate and sit for a while, waiting...

does the pressure on my radiator cap need to be tested

Today: was the "leaky radiator cap" diagnosis legit?


My wife went to a quickie oil-change place, and they told her that her radiator cap needed to be replaced because it wasn't holding pressure anymore. She called me and asked if she should let them replace it. I asked...

Today: Tom and Ray address a cardboard controversy.

A group of us get together at a diner for coffee most mornings. Recently I made a critical error and told the guys that I had put a piece of cardboard in front of my radiator for the winter. So...

Can an egg really help plug a radiator leak?

Following an end-of-semester party, my university English students were headed home for the holidays -- sober, at least for the moment. One of the girls said she was concerned about driving home in the snow with a radiator that had...

From eggs to additives, Tom and Ray offer ideas to help Lynne plug a leak in her radiator.

I recently found out that my '88 Subaru needs a new radiator because there is a place where it is spewing a small amount of water, causing my motor to overheat about every 7 miles. I asked my son if it...
advice on replacing a radiator with a brass one

My plastic radiator blew in extreme stop-and-go traffic. Should I replace it with metal?


I was in the mass exodus from Houston during Hurricane Rita when I got stuck in the slowest-moving traffic that I have ever been in. My car overheated, and the plastic side of the radiator exploded. One person told me...

can replacing the radiator regularly extend the life of a car

Should radiators be replaced as part of regularly scheduled maintenance?


I was told that a good way to extend the life of a car is to periodically replace the radiator Is this an urban myth or a useful suggestion If it is a helpful suggestion does it pertain to all...


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